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Private Label Packaging

At The Candle Supply Company, we appreciate how important packaging is to the success of your brand.  In a lot of cases, the box is the forefront of your product, drawing interest from passing customers so it must be eye-catching and have shelf appeal.

Whether you are going for a simple printed box or a rigid luxury gift box, we have the in-house expertise and industry relations to get the right packaging for your candle at the right price.

We offer the following types of packaging;

PRINTED FOLDING CARTONS (typically under £1)
Printed cartons are the most popular packaging boxes for candles, offering full 4-colour graphics, as well as foil-blocking and embossing options and can include windows etc.

Once the MOQ is surpassed (usually ~250 cartons) the price is relatively low and the print quality very high.  It is often possible to include multiple designs within the MOQ at no extra cost, as many boxes are cut from a single sheet.

We usually have plain folding cartons in stock, which can be labelled.  These plain boxes are aimed at smaller clients where having printed boxes made may not be viable.

TUBE BOXES (typicaly £0.75 - £2.00)
Cylindrical 'tube' boxes offer an excellent solution for round candle jars.  Tube boxes can be one-piece with a metal cap, two-piece with a base and lid, or can be produced as a shoulder box for extra protection.

They can be fully printed or foil blocked. The minimum order quantity for printed tubes is around 500-1000 units.

RIGID BOXES (typically £2.50 - £4.00)
Rigid or boxes are usually made from 1500 micron box board and coated with either textured or printed papers.  They are delivered pre-made, cannot be folded flat and are extremely rigid.  Shoulder boxes often have two layers of board, making the box 3mm+ thick in most areas.

These boxes are significantly more expensive than the other box types and are aimed at high end brands.

We can also work with free-issue packaging, if you already have boxes, or can source our own boxes, we will pack your candles into them for a modest fee.

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